Cover of book that says Assessing the Educational Data Movement

“Phil Piety’s book employs insights from the learning sciences to illuminate policies and practices for using information to improve American education.”
Roy Pea, Stanford University
“This critically important book highlights what constitutes the educational data movement, describing the vernacular of what every education researcher, practitioner, and policymaker needs to be aware of.”
Barbara Schneider, president, American Educational Research Association, 2013–2014.
“Everyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how data is transforming education should read this book. Piety’s analysis is comprehensive and covers every dimension of the American education system. He impressively connects the dots among the numerous institutions and actors that comprise the data movement. This book is a triumph.”
Darrell West, vice president and director of the Center for Technology Innovation, Brookings Institution
“Piety brings a fresh perspective to ‘the educational data movement,’ situating its emergence historically, linking it to developments in various institutional fields, and framing it as a ‘sociotechnical revolution.’ Essential reading! Both proponents and opponents of the ‘data movement’ will learn from this book.” —James P. Spillane, Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Professor in Learning & Organizational Change, Northwestern University